Accessibility Statement

American Colony Hotels (The Drisco Hotel ), operating and managing the:, is committed to ensuring the accessibility of its digital services to all citizens, with a special emphasis on improving access for individuals with disabilities.

Significant resources have been allocated to guarantee the accessibility of our website, aiming to enhance the experience for individuals with diverse needs, including but not limited to motor disabilities, cognitive impairments, myopia, blindness or color blindness, hearing impairments, and the elderly population.

The implementation of website accessibility has been carried out by “VEE – Website Accessibility.” Our website has been optimized for accessibility at level AA, adhering to the guidelines established by the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Regulations WCAG2.2.

Vee Company, the provider of website accessibility solutions, has ensured compatibility with popular web browsers and mobile devices. Extensive testing has been conducted using Jaws and NVDA screen readers. Additionally, we have implemented WCAG2.2 recommendations by the W3C organization to further enhance accessibility standards.

Our website facilitates a straightforward process to switch to accessible mode. An accessibility icon is prominently placed on each webpage. Clicking on the icon opens the accessibility menu, allowing users to select desired accessibility functions. Please allow the page to load after making your selection to ensure the appropriate changes are applied.

To revert the changes, simply click on the corresponding function in the menu again. Resetting the accessibility settings is also an option. The accessibility software is compatible with popular web browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

For an optimal experience with screen reader software, we recommend using the latest version of NVDA. The website’s design includes a semantic structure supporting assistive technologies and adheres to accepted usage patterns for keyboard navigation.

Several improvements have been made to enhance accessibility on the site, including adaptation for screen readers, clear and intuitive navigation, organized content presentation, optimization for modern web browsers, compatibility with various screen sizes, and consistent structure across all pages. Alt text has been included for all images.

The accessibility software provides essential functionalities, including adaptation for screen readers, flickering prevention, direct content access, keyboard navigation adjustment, text size adjustment, enhanced spacing, contrast and color options, legible font selection, highlighting links, reading guide, customizable mouse cursor, and image descriptions.


While diligent efforts have been made to ensure the accessibility of all pages and elements, it is acknowledged that there may still be instances where certain parts or functionalities are not fully accessible. Continuous efforts are underway to enhance accessibility and ensure inclusivity for all individuals, including those with disabilities.

Accessibility Features for Physical Business Locations:

. Handicapped Parking

The hotel offers underground parking which is accessible using staff guidance and escort.

Height limit: 220 cm

Hotel Main Entrance

Guests using wheelchairs may enter via a dedicated path located to the left of the main entrance. The gate width is 100 cm. press the doorbell located on the right side of the gate to enter.

Public Handicapped Restrooms

The restroom is located on the lobby floor. The door width is 84 cm. A foldable handrail is installed. The toilet stall door opens outward.

Reception Desk

The reception desk has an easily accessible hearing-aid device for the use of hearing-impaired guests.

The desk is of low height.

A folder for signatures will be provided upon request for non-desk use.


-Elevator entrance width is 89 cm

-Elevator size is 108 x 138 cm

-Vocal announcement system

-Prominent elevator buttons covered in Braille writing

Hotel Restaurant

The restaurant has an additional entry with an accessible path

The self-serve buffet height is 80 cm

The staff is trained in assisting with disabled guests’ requests

Additional Services

Guests arriving to stay at the hotel in a car holding a disabled badge are eligible for free parking during their stay.

Guests with impaired vision may receive escort and assistance upon request.

Handicapped-Fitted Rooms

Rooms 106 & 206

Distance from elevator to room: 16 meters

Room door width: 86 cm5

Contact regarding accessibility:

If you encounter a problem regarding accessibility on the website, we will be happy to receive comments and requests by contacting our accessibility coordinator.

In order to be able to handle the problem in the best way, we highly recommend attaching complete details as much as possible:

* Problem Description

* What is the action you tried to perform

* Link to the page you browsed

* Browser type and version

Operating System  *

* The type of assistive technology (if you used it)

the Drisco Hotel Tel Aviv will do everything possible to make the site accessible in the best possible way and to answer inquiries in the most professional and fastest way

Accessibility Coordinator:

Pini Natarevich


[email protected]

Date of update of accessibility statement 6.6.2024